We can offer you a solution for every aspect of the ticketing experience.

From small intimate gigs at grass roots venues to stadium gigs, from boutique to large festivals and everything in between, whether live music, club nights, theatre, comedy or sports, if it requires a ticket, we have you completely covered with our end-to-end ticketing solutions.

We will support you from the initial planning and building of your event right through to the ticket sales, box office, and gate entry scanning systems on the actual day of the event. We can help you with your marketing and branding, and we’ll provide you with real-time reporting and analysis.

As one of the last remaining independent ticketing agents in the UK, and still a family run business to this day, we truly value the personal, human touch – a quality that is in short supply these days, in what has become a very corporate ticketing industry.

With Ticketline you will have your very own dedicated account manager who will take care of every aspect of your event, so that we can help you to bring people together and share the magical experience you are creating. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Our Mission Statement


To help people to create magical, life-changing experiences.

We want to make it easier for people to create the event that they dream of, by removing the obstacles and problems that the practicalities of ticketing an event can bring.


To remain independent and proud.

Whilst many of our competitors have been the subject of various corporate takeovers we have never sold out, we remain a family run business of over 60 years. We are motivated by providing good times and transcendental experiences with a personal touch rather than a cold, corporate transaction.


To provide the very best guidance.

We deliver cutting-edge solutions to move ahead of the market and provide an exceptional ticketing experience. Our team of experts have worked in the industry for years and they want to take the time to understand you, your event, and your mission, so that they can provide you with the very best advice for your ticketing, operational, and marketing strategy.


To look after and take care of the impeccable team that work for us.

Most of our staff have been with us for decades. It is a privilege to see their growth in creativity and personal development.


To always think out of the box.

Did you know we were the first ticketing provider to launch payment plans for our festivals, way back in 2009, to respond to the financial climate at the time? We have also helped to provide financial support to many events. We are the preferred supplier for independent festivals as we are trustworthy people who relate to them and understand their needs. We will always look to obtain the best responsive strategy possible for our customers. We have a solution to every problem.

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