Ticketing Solutions

No matter what type of festival, concert, sports, clubs and dance event, or venue you currently run, we have state-of-the-art ticketing solutions that make selling and marketing tickets for your event fun, easy and teamed with robust technology built on our expertise over the years.

We offer two advanced solutions, Ticketware, a cutting edge box office management software, and Ticketlight, our self-service event ticketing solution.

Promoting your event couldn’t be easier with access to our e-commerce primary ticket marketplaces Ticketline, Inner City, Billet.dk and Ticket-line.ae.

Whether you are a theatre box office, concert hall, arena, conference centre, sports stadium or a nightclub, our software is flexible, intuitive, clear and completely customisable to your requirements.

Our online features including ‘choose your own seat’, memberships, season tickets and discounting across multiple sales platforms.

Your in the know at all times, with 24/7 access to your critical event data with our enhanced reporting suites. Powered and designed by the experts, we are one ticketing solutions provider nobody should be without.


Your advanced, intuitive, self-service ticketing system is here, and you’re in complete control over the sales and ticketing of your event. From a 200 capacity conference, to a 20,000-strong music festival, Ticketlight is the ultimate ticketing solution no professional producing live entertainment events can be without.

Built on our expertise in the ticketing industry, Ticketlight provides an unparalleled experience with feature rich, innovative tools in the palm of your hands. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile, you have full control over your event to control your venue, club night, festival, theatre and comedy, whilst having access to one of the UKs leading independent e-commerce primary ticket marketplace, Ticketline.

Ticketlight provides some of the most unrivalled and robust technologies to support your venue and event, including:

Event Configuration

Integrated Ticket Shop

Real-time reporting

Deliver marketing campaigns

Seating Map Editor

Real-time Scanning

Get started in minutes, not days. You control the price, you control the allocation, you control your event. Sign-up for free to start selling your events with us today and take back control of your event.


Whether your venue caters for live music, sports events, theatre or comedy, has 500 seats or 100,000 seats, our venue management system, Ticketware, provides a complete ticketing solution along with professional installation and training.

Ticketware has been created in consultation with the operators of venues, event organisers and ticketing professional providing a one-stop shop for all your purchasing and access control requirements. It enables us to work with a wide range of sectors in live entertainment, from the music industry, sports venues, theatres and comedy and to sell tickets efficiently for events of every genre, size and configuration.

Ticketware gives you full control over your venues ticketing and box office management, including:

  • Event Configuration
  • Event Maintenance
  • Event Selling
  • Seating Plans
  • Ticket Printing
  • Reporting
  • E-Commerce Sales
  • Secure entry management

Ticketware is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by our fully trained expert software and hardware engineers to give you the peace of mind that your venue and box office is always functional.

Account Management

We work closely with you to understand your requirements right from the conception stages of your event. From this initial consultation we can formulate strategic, flexible plans for your event sales with in-depth analysis and advise the best tailored solution to make ticketing your event work for you.

After your initial consultation, you will be assigned a dedicated Ticketline Account Manager, your point of contact for all of your ticketing queries, event sales and managing the full end-to-end process from creation to final reporting, with continual reviews on ticket sales performance and providing you the business intelligence improve your event or venue, obtain greater knowledge of your customer and develop your events.

The core strengths of our account management service are:

  • Event creation on our practical and advanced ticketing platforms, Ticketware and Ticketlight.
  • Expert knowledge of your event and ticketing requirements,working with you from the start, to delivery, to the end.
  • Identify potential new development opportunities for your event and how we can support.

Marketing Services

We know your audience, how to reach them, and connect with new audiences. Our marketing services offer a range of solutions to promote your event, engage your audience, find new audiences, and promote using our ticket marketplaces.

Bespoke, targeted and optimised data-driven marketing hits your audience at the right time, first time. Our sophisticated advertisement targeting tools with real-time bidding promote your event across a variety of marketing channels including email, newsletters, social media and much more. Integrated into our brand, or even your own, we create customised campaigns together directly with you, and work to retain consistency in your brand, content and promotional strategy with in-depth, analytical and integrated marketing strategies.

Your event is not just a number, and we work directly with a number clients to provide unrivalled marketing solutions, integrated seamlessly utilising the latest marketing technology to reach your audience and support your marketing strategy formulation, with campaign guidance to maximise your event promotions to obtain the best return on investment.

So, not only will your event gain a phenomenal increase in profile, it will also be promoted directly to your targeted audience. Here's how we do it:

  • In-depth marketing consultation
  • Promoted on our marketplaces
  • Bespoke audience targeting
  • Advertisement retargeting
  • Social media
  • Promotions and incentives
  • Detailed reporting and campaign optimisation

Our Marketplaces

Your event deserves the best! With millions of visitors to our marketplaces every year, your event receives the exposure it deserves, with a user friendly yet powerful and secure online marketplace backed with first-class technology for your customers to purchase tickets. In your initial event consultation, you will have the option to publish your event on our marketplaces, including:
  • Ticketline (UK)
  • Billet.dk (Denmark)

Your event has a dedicated page to contain all the information your customers need including basic event information, artist or event biography or history and image gallery with opportunity to have enhanced, media rich content including videos or playlists to give your promotions that extra edge.

Additionally, combine your other tickets and upsell your event add ons easily, all in one transaction. When it comes to your on sale date, and your artist or event is in high demand, rest assured, our robust technology places your customers into a queueing system with continual updates ensuring everyone gets a ticket, quickly and easily.

Integrated with our marketing services with an integrated and harmonised event promotions strategy, your event promotion has never been in better hands.


Once your event has been configured and on sale, how do you will get access to our powerful reporting suite, Your Ticketline – your event data at your fingertips in real-time. The most comprehensive and adaptable live reporting suite in the industry allowing you to access a variety of reports to focus on how your event sales are doing, providing beneficial insight to deliver the best return on investment in your sales and marketing channels.

  • Ticket sales and revenue, including comparisons with sales over a different period,
  • Customer data and buying patterns, such as a regional/postcode breakdown of ticket purchasers,
  • In-depth customer acquisition journey reports, including referring URLs, and insight data such as age, gender and consumer interests.
  • Demographic purchase reports to support your targeting in future marketing

You can access all your ticket sales performance figures and stats 24/7, even whilst on the move. You have full control on your reports, whether it is customer data, demographics information, or just a simple figures report, create comparison reports within the system, and download all of your data for further analysis if needed at any time.

Customer Services

During the course of your event being on sale with us your customers will no doubt have a range of queries concerning their purchase. Our friendly and helpful Customer Service team are on hand throughout the day to resolve any issues to your customer's satisfaction.

We strive to provide the best customer support in the industry, getting it right first time, and provide first class customer service to retain not only our repeat customers, but new customers too, and keep them coming back to purchase events from Ticketline.

Secure Despatch

We offer numerous delivery options, including standard post, e-tickets, guest list, venue collection and a Special Delivery service. You have full control on the distribution of your tickets and types. Distribution of physical tickets is the area of greatest competitive advantage that Ticketline possess. Our in-house owned and managed solutions allow simple and efficient stock control which integrate with our despatch team to meet all of our ticket distribution targets. Our team's efficiency ensures your event tickets are distributed in the shortest time, correctly, first time. Tickets are highly attractive to forgers and criminal activity and we make every effort to directly to combat this. We work to ticketing guidelines that you provide you secure ticketing management from printing, despatch to real-time scanning on the day, whilst securing your brand integrity and ticketing incomes. We do this by:

  • Match bar-coded wristbands with tickets for effective distribution and gate entry.
  • Insert additional marketing material to your ticket purchasers (it must fit in a DL envelope).
  • Send out your tickets via whichever delivery method you or your client stipulates.

Due to our flexible and agile ticketing solutions, we regularly assist with the sale and distribution of EFL and Conference play-off ticketing requirements, with the ability to turnaround your tickets and deliver them on time, every time.

Box Office

It's event day, everyone is arriving, and we can be there to help. For the duration of your event, we can provide expert on-site box office support and staff provision to provide a multitude of services to support your event and ensure your customers get in quickly and smoothly so they don't miss any of the action. You can take advantage of the following:

  • Ticket collection service
  • Manage on-the-day sales service, guestlist, artist and staff tickets
  • Real-time secure entry scanning with live, detailed reporting
  • Manage multiple gate access
  • Resolve outstanding issues and to provide a day sales service.

    Our friendly and supportive box office staff will be on hand throughout the event to support and assist your customers providing you with peace of mind to support you and your customers with fast and efficient entry with our real-time entry management solutions.

Secure Entry Management

Ticketline can provide all the necessary hardware, software, training and technical support to successfully implement on-site scanning of bar-coded tickets, e-tickets and RFID wristbands with our real-time entry management solutions, giving you real-time alerts at your fingertips when you need it most. Our tickets contain a host of robust security features including holograms, colour branded paper, embossing and bar codes to eliminate fraudulent tickets.

Scanning your tickets is easy and completed using handheld scanning devices and are preloaded with our user friendly scanning software. They are connected to the customer database using a wireless network which can be used in a variety of environments. The system also offers real-time reporting, which allows easy monitoring of crowd flow and capacity.

With our real-time scanning solutions and expertise, you’re in safe hands with valuable insight to evaluate your event on the day and post event, whilst providing a straightforward and secure entry management solution.