"Ticketline are the only ticket outlet I have used that truly understand and respect the needs of the promoter and customer alike."

Andy Smith

Kendal Calling

Photo credit: Giulia Spadafora

“Ticketline are the only ticket outlet I have used that truly understand and respect the needs of the promoter and customer alike. They truly grasp the many and varied ways box offices can play in ensuring the best possible success for an event, from an appreciation of marketing to top notch customer service and many a thing in between. Working with Ticketline has allowed us to develop new strategies which have directly helped our business flourish, and so we look forward to a long and prosperous future with Ticketline.”

Andy Smith, Kendal Calling

One of the leading independent music festivals in the UK, Kendal Calling, have set the bar for how to run a medium-sized family festival, which truly has something for everyone.

Since 2006, Ticketline have been the primary ticketing partner for the festival, building a solid, long-lasting relationship. Each year, Ticketline provide the full complement of ticketing services, supplying a robust yet flexible ticketing system to handle their ever-growing sales demand, a full range of bespoke branded assets, as well as a solid on-site support structure.

Sold out on the 11 occasions Kendal Calling has been held, heading into the 12th incarnation in 2017, with sales demand growing year on year, our relationship with Kendal Calling has thrived on the need to provide the best service for the festival’s customers, and our team’s ability to develop the festival to one of the most recognised and hotly anticipated on the UK festival calendar.

It is a pleasure to include Andy, Ben, and the rest of the Kendal Calling family as clients and friends to Ticketline.

Kendal Calling use the following sectors:

“Ticketline offer our clients and our customers the best mix of technology, value and marketing support."

Martin Laws

Commercial Director of MAV

Ticketline offer our clients and our customers the best mix of technology, value and marketing support. As part of the new ticketing arrangement, Ticketline will be delivering their Ticketware operating system which will give us everything from integrated Facebook ticketing apps to multi venue access control, all of which assists in delivering improvements across all aspects of the venues operation. Recent changes to capacity and production in Academy 1, 2, 3 & Club have meant that we are offering better value than ever before to any hirer. With the improvements in ticketing we can now offer an even better all-round service

Martin Laws, Commercial Director of MAV

Manchester’s club and venue scene is growing year-on-year; however Manchester Academy has been around for several years. Part of the University of Manchester’s Student Union, Manchester Academy contains 4 venues, Academy 1, 2, 3 and Club Academy, playing host to some of the most popular, historical artists, whilst holding host as to one the venues where many artists began their live shows when visiting Manchester in their early days.

Ticketline work extensively as the engine behind Manchester Academy’s 4 venues, providing all ticketing and scanning solutions, utilising Ticketware. Additionally, the Manchester Academy is powered by the same technology used by Ticketline’s own marketplaces, along with traditional booking methods using our first class customer service and sales support and marketing services to drive and engage historic and new customers alike.

"They understand our business, understand our needs and consistently deliver to a high standard.”

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

Susan Hannah, Ticket Operations Manager

Photo credit: Archibald99

“Ticketline have been a great company to work with. In what was a tight timescale from initial conversation to go live our interaction was positive and the can do attitude displayed by their team ensured the go live was a success and the relationship continues to go from strength to strength. They understand our business, understand our needs and consistently deliver to a high standard.”

Glasgow Rangers Football Club, Susan Hannah, Ticket Operations Manager

Glasgow Rangers, recently were promoted back to the Scottish Premiership after a 4-year absence, have one of the largest support bases in Scotland, and the world, with only their arch rivals, Celtic, coming close to their fan base. In 2013, Rangers engaged with Ticketline to discuss their call centre business, which was won by ourselves. We have established a synchronised operation that complements their needs and our services by routing all of their calls to our Manchester based call centre. Our highly trained and skilled call centre team take care of bookings for all Rangers games, and are fully trained on Talent and tasked with achieving marketing leading abandonment rates and call times.

We are delighted to welcome Rangers as customers and look forward to a successful relationship and footballing campaign going forward, with even bigger demand than ever before on the fantastic achievement of returning to the Scottish Premiership.

Glasgow Rangers take advantage of the following solutions:

“Working with Ticketline has allowed us to develop new strategies which have directly helped our new festival business flourish.”

Jamie Smith

Head of Marketing, From The Fields

Photo credit: Carousel PR

“Working with Ticketline is a completely seamless process. From start to finish, Ticketline support our festival above and beyond the call of duty, with support to guide and grow our festival year on year with innovative ticketing solutions. I would not hesitate to recommend Ticketline."

Jamie Smith, Head of Marketing, From The Fields

An intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space brought to you from the creators on Kendal Calling. Born in 2016, Bluedot promised to deliver something special and unique, all hosted at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, the location of the Lovell telescope. With a line-up featuring some of the classist artists spanning the past two decades, and appearances from Professor Brian Cox and many more, Bluedot wowed customers with a love of science and music.

Add the years of ticketing experience and expertise in the festival market from Ticketline, and From The Fields years of festival development and growth, Bluedot used the same ticketing technology and methodology to deliver a first class ticketing experience for the promoter and customer alike. This combination, and the core development of the festival content, Bluedot won 'Best New Festival' recently at the AIF Festival Congress held in November 2016, a fruitful accolade after a stunning first outing in 2016.

Bluedot took advantage of custom ticket printing, scanning, box office support, whilst selling through multiple channels including their own custom white label integrated into their website, promoted on both the Ticketline and Inner City marketplaces, and marketed out using Ticketline’s marketing database in the millions.

Following the success of the formula used by Bluedot over the previous two years, it will return in 2018, using the same innovative ticketing management and sales solution, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for 2018.

"We chose Ticketline, and their box office system Ticketware, as there are very few packages out there that combine a well organised and well run ticket company."

Josh Rowe, Marketing Manager - Epstein Theatre

Photo credit: Ant Clausen

The Epstein Theatre chose Ticketline, and their box office system Ticketware, as there are very few packages out there that combine a well organised and well run ticket company with a fully operational box office system where customers have the opportunity to book individual seats in real time, Ticketware ticked all the boxes. The Epstein are very happy with the ongoing progression of the system and the managed service from the Ticketline team. I would recommend Ticketware for any theatre/venu that does not wish to have to spend a fortune on a new box office system as well as have the full operation back up of an established ticket company.

, Josh Rowe, Marketing Manager - Epstein Theatre

Built in 1913, The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool reopened in 2012 following a £1.2m refurbishment, and was ultimately named after the manager of the ever infamous, The Beatles, Brian Epstein. With a capacity for 380 people over two tiers, the Epstein Theatre plays host to a variety of comedy, art, drama, and major panto productions, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and upcoming in 2016, Aladdin.

Ticketline provide the Esptein Theatre with a full managed ticketing solution with Ticketware, our robust and advanced venue box office ticketing system. Using this, the Epstein Theatre is able to manage their own ticketing in the traditional manner and sell tickets directly at the venue, scan all tickets on entry, and perform e-commerce ticketing through the their own customised white-label ticketing page, seamlessly integrated into their website, whilst also promoting on one of the UK’s most established primary ticket marketplaces, Ticketline.

The Epstein Theatre also work together with Ticketline to integrate marketing communication plans, increasing Epstein’s marketing reach and doubling efforts to promote events, and work intensively with the Ticketline marketing department to customise and target each event.

Together, Ticketline and The Epstein Theatre have created a harmonious and productive relationship, utilising a full range of managed, secure and technologically advanced ticketing solutions with additional services to support the deliver a streamlined and best in class experience for both promoter and consumers.

"Excellent account management team with friendly, approachable and advice to support our festival operations."

Beat Herder

Nick Chambers, Director

Photo credit: Duke Studios

"Ticketline have provided us with an excellent account management team with friendly, approachable and advice to support our festival operations, provision of box office support on the day of the festival, and ultimately have supported our sustained growth with a flexible approach to ticketing."

Beat Herder, Nick Chambers, Director

First opening it’s doors in 2006, Beat-Herder is an annual festival held in the Lancashire hills, covering a multitude of music genres from indie to dubstep, techno to folk and reggae to drum and bass. From the beginning, Beat-Herder was merely a small rave in the woods in Lancashire. It is now one of the most anticipated festivals on the calendar, with capacity of 15,000, and artists including Manchester legends James headlining the 2016 edition of the festival.

Achieving this type of growth is no easy feat, and Ticketline are delighted to have supported Beat-Herder’s development along the way. From custom physical ticket printing, box office staff provision and support, expertise supplied from account management, white labelled ticket sales page on their website with Facebook integration and marketing support, Beat-Herder year on year get the support they require to promote and deliver their event, with Ticketline there from the beginning to end.

Our innovative ticketing solutions provide Beat-Herder the flexibility, security and expansion opportunities to develop and support their brand, festival, and overall operations.

"Everyone at Ticketline who we have dealt with have been courteous, professional, efficient and extremely helpful from the inception of the project through to it's completion."

The Muni

Alison Goode, Executive Manager Development

"As a company we chose to work with Ticketline because from the outset, everyone at Ticketline who we have dealt with have been courteous, professional, efficient and extremely helpful from the inception of the project through to it's completion. Even now a few months after the installation of Ticketware, the support has been second to none and as well as sorting out any issues we may have had they have also been very proactive in offering suggestions and solutions for other parts of the business."

The Muni, Alison Goode, Executive Manager Development

The Muni is Colne's iconic Edwardian Theatre, and regularly provides its local community with the very best in comedy, variety, live music and other entertainment from today's big names. Over the past few years the Muni has played host to big names such as - Peter Kay, Roy 'Chubby' Brown, Bill Wyman, Kathryn Jenkins, Dave Spikey to name but a few. Since 1990 the Muni Theatre has also bee the main stage for one of Europe's biggest blues festivals - The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival, which is held every year over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

We provide The Muni with all the necessary hardware, software, training and support to successfully run our robust box office ticketing solution, Ticketware. Using Ticketware's simple and intuitive interface they setup events and allocate tickets, making shows available to their box office, white label website, our Ticketline marketplace and our state-of-the-art call centre.

As well as installing Ticketware at The Muni, The ACE Centre in Nelson also uses the same technology to drive ticket sales utilising intuitive and robust ticketing software from the experts, Ticketline.

"Ticketline have listened and really understood how our venue works and what we need from our box office system."


Rosie Scott, Development Manager

Photo credit: David Oates

The service we have received from the Ticketline team has been excellent throughout. They have listened and really understood how our venue works and what we need from our box office system. The team have always been available to answer questions and solve any issues and have been responsive to suggestions we've made. We had been using our old system for over 8 years so it has been a big transition for us and it has been made very straightforward and stress-free. I would highly recommend Ticketline to other venues.

Waterside, Rosie Scott, Development Manager

Waterside occupies the site of the old Sale Civic Theatre as well as part of the former Trafford Council Town Hall. Folllowing the closure of the theatre and the relocation of the town hall to Stretford, plans were made to rebuild and update the site into a new arts venue. After 10 years of work, Waterside was able to launch its first artistic programme in November 2004.

Now a modern arts venue, the centre continues to reflect several aspects of its local heritage. The 350 seat theatre is named after the late Sale-born screenwriter Robert Bolt.

As a council run venue it was important that as a prospective ticketing partner of Waterside we were able to meet the strict guidelines for the procurement process from PQQ to tender to installation. We provide Waterside with Ticketware, a white-label website integrated into their own website to sell tickets from, a Facebook application further enhancing their sales channels and the option for the scanning of e-tickets.

"Ticketline have provided us exemplary ticketing solutions over many years and continue to be ahead of the curve of ticketing sales and management technology"

Kennedy Street

Danny Betesh, Director

Photo credit: HSL Group

Having been instrumental in the tours and gigs of the UK’s, if not the world’s, major artists for a quarter of a century, Ticketline manage Kennedy Street’s business on a “main agent” basis, and have an incredibility close relationships with them. Since the early days of selling tickets over the counter, to the now advanced and high pressured nature of mass selling tickets online on a reliable, robust and enhanced e-commerce platform, the end result is the same. It’s the nuts and bolts that we provide that help the transactions take place that have changed.

All of us here at Ticketline are delighted to have such a well-respected and established business, such as Kennedy Street, as partners to deliver ticketing solutions to them and their customers over the years, and many years to come.

Ticketline have consistently maintained a high level of service and support and clear understanding of our ticketing needs.

Band on the Wall

Gavin Sharp - CEO, Band on the Wall

Photo credit: Band on the Wall

Ticketline have been exceptional partners for Band on the Wall. They have consistently maintained a high level of service and support, clear understanding of our ticketing needs and, given that we are a charity, supported our aims and objectives far beyond what would normally be expected from a commercial partner; they have been instrumental to Band on the Wall's successful re-launch and our development as a region wide promoter

Band on the Wall , Gavin Sharp - CEO, Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall occupies a grand old Victorian pub which has been one of the cornerstones of Manchester's music scene for the greater part of the last century. It was at the centre of Manchester's punk scene in the late 1970s where Buzzcocks, The Fall and Joy Division first played.

The not-for-profit music venue, charity and nightclub has a global reputation for showcasing a vast array of accomplished and respected artists from around the world. In doing so it is internationally known as a venue that promotes equality and diversity through music.

After a £4 million revamp in 2009, Band on the Wall reopened with state of the art facilities to critical acclaim. As part of the restructure the venue needed a partner to provide payment processing, secure ticket production and despatch capabilities.

Band on the Wall chose Ticketline and our complete box office ticketing solution, Ticketware, with full managed services with expert support from our account management team. Additionally, the ticketing solution integrated a full white label ticketing e-commerce page into Band on the Wall's website and other affiliate websites, and installed our box office hardware and software onsite which allows secure ticket printing, payment processing, live reporting and secure entry with barcode scanners.

Photo credit: Tom Gates

Held on the first weekend in July annually, Love Supreme is one of the unique festival calendar additions that everyone looks forward to. Held over 3 days in the beautiful surroundings of Glynde Place, Love Supreme is primarily a jazz festival, featuring artists of all backgrounds within the genre, with 4 stages, and one of the first on the festival calendar to offering camping as well as day and weekend tickets. In previous years, Love Supreme have supplied us with line-ups including Van Morrison, Burt Bacharach, Chic ft. Nile Rogers and many more high profile names from the jazz genre.

As one of the festival specialist ticketing providers, Ticketline were approached by the organisers of Love Supreme to provide a full end-to-end management ticketing solution and support the operations of Love Supreme. Over the years, we have provided box office support and staff provision on site with our secure entry management solutions, utilising both physical and printed e-tickets with our specialist barcode scanners and technology and managed with Ticketware, our specialist box office and venue ticketing system.

Love Supreme are also supported by our customer service and sales call centre to cater for customers both offline and online on Ticketline, one of the UK’s most trusted primary ticket marketplaces.

"Having used Ticketware for years through the online sales channel on Ticketline, we valued the local, reliable and affordable service."

The Dancehouse Theatre

Dave Crook, Theatre Manager

Photo credit: Drew Forsyth

When our old system became outdated, we looked around for other Box Office software, having used Ticketware for years via the online sales channel. We valued the local, reliable and affordable service. They made integration with the system almost completely seamless with full support from their IT and Account Management teams throughout. Being able to easily access the system from home was a real attraction for us.

The Dancehouse Theatre, Dave Crook, Theatre Manager

The Dancehouse Theatre and its sister company The Northern Ballet School have brought a varied and interesting mix of comedy, dance, music and drama to audiences across the North West.

The venue is based on Oxford Road in Manchester City Centre, a lease for the derelict property was obtained in 1990 by The Northern Ballet School and The Dancehouse Theatre. Once restored to its former Art Deco splendour, it was officially opened in 1994 by HRH Princess Margaret.

The Dancehouse Theatre complex extends to some 35,000 square feet and comprises the theatre, three medium and two large dance studios, all fully equipped to meet the highest standards, changing rooms, shower facilities, a Green Room and much more.

We partnered with The Dancehouse Theatre utilising our robust box office solution Ticketware in 2011, and we now provide both the hardware and software to run Ticketware. Using the system’s simple and intuitive interface they configure events and allocate tickets, making shows available to their box office, to their bespoke white label website and also our call centre.